About the Artist

I'm Brian Tolbert, a visual artist based in Washington, DC. I've been creating since I was old enough to hold a pencil.

My work has always been deeply personal and explores themes related to insecurities, self-worth, expressions of grief, loss, identity, pop culture, mortality, and morality, all seen through the perspective of an unapologetically black man trying to figure this life thing out.

I hope you enjoy my journey.

If any piece resonates with you, consider purchasing it. I deeply appreciate your support.

About the Art

Forever Incomplete is a showcase of what I consider incomplete works. The project was born out of a desire to eliminate perfectionism from my art.

I've gone through several periods where I fell out of love with drawing, and perfectionism was the root cause each time. Whether it was due to my own critical eye, imaginary expectations, or comparing myself to others, I allowed perfectionism to rob me of the joy of creating.

Each piece in this series was created during a single sitting, with the idea that whenever the session ends, that marks the completion of the drawing.

This series is, in a sense, my life's work because it is a reflection of my life through my art.